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Допустим. Но что они кушают? Колосятся ли за городской чертой бесконечные поля? :unsure: Пасутся ли тучные стада?

Очень даже колосятся и пасутся. Например:

The Flatlands are bordered by the upper reaches of the Rhoyne to the east, the Velvet Hills to the north, and the Golden Fields to the southeast. A Valyrian road runs through the Flatlands from the Free City of Pentos to Ghoyan Drohe.

The Flatlands is a fertile area of open fields and plains, located around Pentos and responsible for feeding it.[2] Tillers and toilers who are bound to the land dwell in the Flatlands, while many magisters and nobles of the cities have estates on the Flatlands.[2]Illyrio Mopatis owns some orchards, farms and mines in the Flatlands, though he seldom visits them.[1]


А нижняя Ройна судя по всему ещё плотнее заселена. Там в 500 км к северу от Волантиса стоит маленький провинциальный городок размером с Королевскую Гавань и Олдтаун )

Although it is larger than the cities of King's Landing and Oldtown in Westeros,[3] Selhorys is still considered a town, not an independent city.[4] Alone among the major towns, Selhorys stands upon the eastern bank of the Rhoyne, making it more vulnerable to Dothraki than its sister towns west of the river.[4] Timber from the Forest of Qohor is sold in the markets of Selhorys.[5]

Selhorys has towers, domes, and cobbled paths. The city's sandstone walls shelter shops, stalls, and storehouses along the piers. The river gate is guarded by Volantene slave soldiers with tiger stripes, while prostitutes in its brothels are also slaves. Volantene river galleys loaded with slave soldiers protect the waterway.[4] Lanterns within the city are made of colored glass, unlike the parchment lanterns outside of the city walls

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Википедия - это неспортивно; в самой книге это как-то невнятно показано (путешествие Тириона и Вариса на восток), но в принципе принимается. 


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