Карты Альтернативных Миров, часть 2

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Уровень Океана - 50 м.

Для этого специальная программа есть, вот со всем остальным проблема. 


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Для этого специальная программа есть

Она только воду поднимает общую.

Приледниковые гиперозера надо вручную рисовать


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Posted (edited)

Мир без паделов Речи Посполитой (1923):



Описание по-английски:

Map of Europe in a world where Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth wasn't partitioned but still divided into various ethnic states due to internal conflicts and lost wars.


1. Kingdom of Poland - Being mostly Catholic made Poland protected by Habsburgs as well having most contacts with them from neighbouring powers. Has more or less good relations with Lithuania and Samogitia, proper ones with Ruthenia but cold ones with Austechia. Poland is showing ambivalent relations towards Prussia and Russia with worse ones to the former. Regained dynasty before collapse of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, that is house Wiśniowiecki.


2. Grand Duchy of Lithuania - After collapse of PLC Lithuania changed ruler to local house of Poniatoŭski, as well started to promote Lithuanian (OTL Belarusian) once again instead of before dominating Polish (not entirelly though, as Polish preserved local autonomy in regions where it has significant number of speakers). Still being halfly Uniate and halfly Roman Catholic resulted in Lithuanian being highly influenced by Polish as well dropping cyrillic script in favour of łacinka. Has fine relations with every neighbouring states of former PLC, not counting Austechia. Mostly cordial to Prussia and Sweden from neighbouring Great Powers. Pretty anti-Russian but maintains cordial relation with its eastern occupied half - Belorussia.


3. Republic of Ruthenia - Unlike Lithuania Ruthenia stayed with cyrillic script, which makes it less close to Lithuania and Poland. Mostly Uniate, altought there are some Roman Catholics and Orthodoxes. Not excatly having loving relations with Poland but maintains proper diplomacy, as well gives enough cultural autonomy to local Poles, which in exchange Poland does to Polish Ruthenians. Like Poland its mostly influenced by Habsburgs. Hates Russia very much as well its (Ruthenian) eastern occupied half - Malorussia.


4. Austechian Republic - Most pro-Russian from all countries from former PLC. Blames Lithuania (as well Poland but less) in Slavization of local population, which resulted in negative public relations and purification of Austechian language (formerly having many Lithuanian and Polish loanwords). Most diplomatic relations they have are with Russian Empire as well Ruthenia or Prussia to some extent. Protestant.


5. Samogitian Republic - Unlike Austechia, Samogitia has actually good relations with its former overlord, that is Lithuania (as well Poland) and their language wasnt "cleansed" from Slavic loanwords, which makes it more authentic than Austechian (it also has many German influences due to geographical region). Pretty dominated economically by neighbouring Prussia. Mostly Catholic.


6. Autonomy of Belorussia - Created after collapse of PLC in order to counter rise of local nationalism (which began to appear not only in Belorussia but in the whole Russian Empire) and prevent reunification of local lands with Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Mostly Orthodox. Lithuanian (here known as Belorussian) is allowed and even teached in schools, though Russian is still main one. Still Belorussia is not highly Russificated, pretty much being left alone. Thanks to this Belorussians and Lithuanians maintain contacts with each other having some sort of diplomacy and being able to do shared projects at least in cultural and language projects. Overall has cordial relations with its western half.


7. Autonomy of Malorussia - Created in similar way and time as Belorussia. In a sense more successful project of the latter as Malorussians mutually dislike (if not outright hate in some cases) their former western brothers - Ruthenians. Like with Lithuanian in Belorussia Ruthenian (here known as Malorussian) is coofficial with Russian in Malorussia. The region is also provided by cultural autonomy. Almost fully Orthodox. While Belorussians still have more or less neutral (sometimes positive) view on PLC, influence of Russian Orthodox Church in Malorussia as well Cossack elites resulted in adoption of Russian imperialist view on history thus making PLC perceived here as pretty bad period for local population. Thanks to such many Malorussians see their annexation by Russia as being saved from Polish Catholicization, which adds another reason to dislike Ruthenia which is now Uniate.


8. Collapse of PLC started wave of Nationalism in population (especially intelligence) of various ethnicities. To prevent collapse of neighbouring empires many of these provided their ethnic minorities with proper autonomies. One of such was Scandinavia which gave autonomy to all Fenns and Balts in their realm.


9. Even tho its not as high autonomy as Belarussia or Malorussia, many of other non Russian provinces in Russian Empire started to gain some autonomy and more will potentially gain it in the close future. All this to preserve Empire from falling.


10. Russian Empire - One of reasons of PLC breakdown, not only due to won wars but also political meddling. Now after PLC collapsed due to ethnic nationalism, Russia has to face itself with its own nationalistic movements. Time will tell if itll collapse as well or preserve as new federated empire. Trying to influence former PLC and would really like to swallow Lithuania and Ruthenia but its not really possible due to other Great Powers (Germans and Scandinavians) influence over them, which makes former PLC into neutral territory where various influences clash.


11. Prussian Empire - Collapse of PLC provided Prussia over full control on Prussia Proper as well Courland, not mentioning their influence over former GDL. This Prussia is weaker in a way, failying to unify whole Germany, thus being kinda equal with Austria. Still Prussia managed to conquer most of Protestant Germanic lands being known as Protestant Germany in oppostion to Catholic one (Austria). Known for its professional military. More friendly to Russia than Austria.


12. Habsburg Empire - Catholic shield of Eastern Europe. Reformed its Austrian crown by giving various Slavs and Romances proper autonomy. Hungarian crown still refuses to do so for now, staying as more conservative one, which may result in serious problems if not faced quickly. Austria not only has influence over Poland and Ruthenia but as well Italy and Balkans over whose it rivals with Russia, which makes their relations pretty bad.


13. Italian Confederation - Failed to unify into one state forced local countries instead to build a confederation. Thanks to such they regained some sort of independence, not being swallowed by France or Austria.


14. French Republic - Like OTL France is centre of progressivism, through not entirelly. Recent fall of PLC still didnt reach Western Europe that much, so nationalistic movements arent that loud in France for now. Still they begin to wake up and soon French will have to face angry minorities demanding either autonomy or independence. Having way more German lands than OTL wont help either.


15. United Monarchy of Spain and Portugal - Used to be one of the biggest colonial empires. Now most of its colonies in the New World already proclaimed independency. Still pretty rich and influential country regardless (there are still colonies in Africa and Asia after all!).


16. Ottoman Empire - Ottomans already lost the Balkans but other nationalities began to protest as well. Sultan already gave many autonomies but its not enough. Will empire withstand such times of troubles? There are only two ways: to modernise or fall.


17. British Empire - Britain is not eternal as well. Having many problems in India is not only reason to panic. Celts begin to strive for independence as well.


18. Empire of Netherlands - Managed to expand further into Europe than OTL whic resulted in not being as colonially succesfull. Still has some colonies in Africa and Asia though.


19. Empire of Scandinavia - Rich northern empire known for their sea trade and fish market. Managed to colonise a part of northern America. Looking with caution at both Russia and Prussia.


20. Shahdom of Persia - Only Muslim power outside of Ottomans who managed to preserve its independency. Still pretty squeezed between Russia, Britain and Ottomania. Best they can aim for now is neutrality.


21. Balkans also known as Former Ottoman Rumelia are known for their ethnic conflicts ever in this TL. They contain countries like Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania or Hellas, all of whose are Orthodox. Then theres Muslim Aegan Republic as well other ethnicities who strive for independence in the above mentioned countries like Arumanians, Gypsies, Jews or Macedonians.


Blue frame - Borders of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth before its collapse.


Карта религий:


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Западная Евразия в 2022 годе:







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Что происходит в Новом Свете и Восточной Азии? В Африке и Среднем Востоке?

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