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United States of Japan

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   Поскольку и книга и экранизация "Человека в Высоком Замке", по сути, являются попыткой иносказательно указать на безальтернативность РИ-господствующей, вроде бы, политико-экономической модели "Запада", то нормального и беспристрастного описания истории и жизни в этом "Мире Победившей Оси" в общем-то и нет - ужасы шовинистической диктатуры и азиатской дикости, зато, в наличии... Может и к лучшему, что сериал закончился пшиком:dntknw:


Однако, всегда возможна Альтернатива и некий писатель по имени Peter Tieryas, вдохновившись творчеством Филиппа Дика, попытался представить какими могли бы быть Японские Владения на Западном побережье - эдакая АИ в АИ, наверное? - и написал несколько книг

United States of Japan,204,203,200_.jpg

Decades ago, Japan won the Second World War. Americans worship their infallible Emperor, and nobody believes that Japan's conduct in the war was anything but exemplary. Nobody, that is, except the George Washingtons - a shadowy group of rebels fighting for freedom. Their latest subversive tactic is to distribute an illegal video game that asks players to imagine what the world might be like if the United States had won the war instead. Captain Beniko Ishimura's job is to censor video games, and he's tasked with getting to the bottom of this disturbing new development. But Ishimura's hiding something... He's slowly been discovering that the case of the George Washingtons is more complicated than it seems, and the subversive videogame's origins are even more controversial and dangerous than the censors originally suspected.

Mecha Samurai Empire,204,203,200_.jpg

Makoto Fujimoto grew up in California, but with a difference - his California is part of the United States of Japan. After Germany and Japan won WWII, the United States fell under their control. Growing up in this world, Mac plays portical games, haphazardly studies for the Imperial Exam, and dreams of becoming a mecha pilot. Only problem: Mac's grades are terrible. His only hope is to pass the military exam and get into the prestigious mecha pilot training program at Berkeley Military Academy. When his friend Hideki's plan to game the test goes horribly wrong, Mac washes out of the military exam too. Perhaps he can achieve his dream by becoming a civilian pilot. But with tensions rising between the United States of Japan and Nazi Germany and rumours of collaborators and traitors abounding, Mac will have to stay alive long enough first...

Cyber Shogun Revolution,204,203,200_.jpg

California, 2020. After a severe injury, ace mecha designer and pilot Reiko Morikawa is recruited to a secret organisation plotting a revolt against the corrupt governor (and Nazi sympathiser) of the United States of Japan. When their plan to save the USJ from itself goes awry, the mission is only saved from failure because the governor is killed by an assassin known as Bloody Mary. But the assassin isn't satisfied with just the governor. Bishop Wakana used to be a cop. Now he's an agent of the Tokko, the secret police. Following the trail of a Nazi scientist, Bishop discovers a web of weapons smuggling, black market mecha parts - and a mysterious assassin. This killer once hunted Nazis but now seems to be targeting the USJ itself. As the leaders of the United States of Japan come to realize the devil's bargain they made in their uneasy alliance with the Nazis, Bishop and Reiko are hot on the trail of Bloody Mary, trying to stop her before it's too late.


   К сожалению, перевода их на руский я не нашёл, но для владеющих английским рекомендую, хотя бы потому, что футуризм играет положительную роль, в отличии от застойной, во всех смыслах, середины 20-го века. Небольшой обзор на русском

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